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When Should You Repair Or Replace Your AC?

We all love living a comfortable life. An AC, when installed in your home or workplace, helps produce comfort conditions which make you feel relaxed and also boost your physical and intellectual activity. But what happens when your air conditioning unit stops working? A breakdown often leaves one confused about whether they should repair or replace their old air conditioner. However, though it is better to replace rather than pay the mounting repair bills, taking into considerations certain factors listed below can help you make an informed decision.

When should you opt to repair for your AC?

Most of the times, repairing your AC especially when there are a few minor repairs to be done would be a good option. For this, taking the help of a professional air conditioner technician will help solve your problem.

Consider the SEER rating of your air conditioning unit. If your AC has a high SEER rating (13 or above), you are still saving money on your monthly utility bills. A simple repair is a good option especially for those who have invested in a high-efficiency unit years ago. Another factor that can determine that repairing your AC would be a better decision would be to consider its life span. If your AC is less than 10 years old, has been well maintained all through the years and is still reasonably efficient, opting for an inexpensive repair should not be ruled out.

Taking into account the repair track record of your air conditioning unit is another factor when trying to make a decision of repairing the unit. Air conditioners that have not been giving you problems time and again or if it is the first repair you have ever required to get your AC working again, it is reasonable to assume that you opt for a repair unless your technician does not warn you about signs that can lead to a major repair.

Is your AC cooling your space as it should be doing it? Generally, when air conditioners wear out, they lose the ability to cool efficiently. If your unit is running low, it will not only struggle to keep your home comfortable, but will also you will also increase your electricity bills. However, if your unit had been working excellently prior to the breakdown, opting for simple repair would be a great option to get your AC working again.

When should you replace your air conditioning unit?

Despite all the comfort your old AC has provided you, opting for a repair may sometimes not be a cost-effective and favorable option to continue with the unit. It is probably time that you replace the unit as it will neither extend the life of your AC nor justify the investment done to repair it. So, when you should replace your air conditioning unit?

If your AC is over 10 years old and is requires a major repair, it is time to replace it. An AC which has a life span of over 10 years has reasonably reached old age. This type of air conditioning unit usually become inefficient and can cost you more when trying to source parts and make repairs. It is therefore advisable that you replace the unit before it costs you more than spending on a more efficient model.

Does you AC cools with R- 22 refrigerant? R -22 refrigerants or Freon is a cooling agent which is no longer allowed to be used new air conditioners. However, if you still want to use it, your air conditioning professional can purchase this expensive coolant for you. If you are AC has stopped working, it is always wise to buy an air-conditioning unit that is reasonably priced and uses a more environment-friendly coolant – R-401A

Is your AC cooling as it used to do earlier? When your air conditioning unit becomes old, it is more likely that it will not be able to keep your home cool. As the parts wear out, the unit will not only be incapable of working normally, but will also tend to consume more electricity, increasing your electricity bills.

Having your aging AC can cost you more when compared to the previous year. Air conditioners than have been running for than the usual life span can costs you more when compared to a new air conditioner whose have risen due boost in energy process during summer. So, ensure that you replace your AC before it fails to work impressively.

When the size of your AC is not correct for your home, it is time that you get it replaced. There are times when one happens that one buys an AC that incorrectly sized for their space. Common symptoms that show that you have chosen the wrong size AC include high humidity and not enough cooling. If you discover that you have chosen an AC which not the right size and have started giving you trouble, it is highly recommended that you replace it with the right-sized unit. When you buy a unit that is the right size, you will not only see an impressive increase in its performance, but will also manage to save on your hefty electricity bills.